Welcome at the internet service of the Naturwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Lüdenscheid. Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to maintain our pages especially in English. So, here is some short information about us and about what we do.

The Naturwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Lüdenscheid (Society of Natural History in Lüdenscheid) was founded in 1948 and aims at supporting and teaching natural history and nature conservation. Main topics are geology, botany, ornithology and other zoology. We support research in these areas, e. g. by publications in our periodical "Der Sauerländische Naturbeobachter" (ISSN 0558-7247), and offer public events like guided walking, study tours, lectures and presentations. Activities in nature conservation are documentation and public relations, based on our knowledge in the named fields.

We all want to share the delight we take in a healthy, natural environment with others -- and following generations, which, of cause, is the main motive for our commitment in these fields.

Lüdenscheid is the district town of the Märkischer Kreis, which is part of the Sauerland region in southern Westfalia (German federal Land Northrhine-Westfalia). Its landscape is formed by high plateaus about 500 m above sea level and deep valleys washed out by high precipitations. Woodland is the main nature structure, which in its most part is highly influenced by man.

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